Earl Sweatshirt ‘Some Rap Songs’ to Release 11/30

Since 2015’s “I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside”, the reclusive Odd Future veteran, Earl Sweatshirt, has given his fans little more than sporadic features, the occasional episode of his wavy Red Bull radio show, “Stay Inside”, and a cancelled tour due to a depressive episode onset by the death of his father.  It looks like the drought is finally over, however, with the announcement of “Some Rap Songs”,  Earl’s third studio album, and the release of two singles, both far more experimental and lo-fi than anything we’ve heard from him before.

After cutting ties with the majority of the Odd Future collective, it seems Earl has found a new home among the New York’s experimental underground hip hop scene, fronted by artists like MIKE and sculpted by a hive of up and coming producers drawing influence from modern sample gurus like Alchemist, Knxwledge, and Harry Fraud.

The second single released off the album, The Mint, is a hazy slow burner featuring production from Black Noi$e and vocals from Navy Blue.  Continuing his ventures into the experimental, Earl and his collaborator spit stream of consciousness verses with loosely linear rhythm structures over a dusty vinyl piano loop.

It’s refreshing to see an artist who’s spoken so openly about depression and loneliness seem so happy and confident, and we’re seeing a lot of that through his recent output.  Our expectations are high based on what we’ve heard, and we’re confident that Earl won’t disappoint.

Will this album be Earl’s classic?